With over 135 years experience in developing heating products, Vaillant is well placed to offer solar heating technology. As one of Germany's and Europe's leading boiler manufacturers, Vaillant sets the standards for performance, efficiency, quality and reliability. With the focus on new technologies we continue to consolidate our position in this segment.

By incorporating the most modern technology, Vaillant's unique Total Solar System Solution intelligently blends solar and conventional energy supplies to optimise domestic heating and domestic warm water efficiency for our environment and our customers.

Vaillant's range of high efficient flat plate collectors has been designed to achive the maximum solar energy. Produced in one of our German factories, high quality comes as standard. high-efficiency auroTHERM plus collector is made with high selective absorber and anti-reflex solar glass to ensure for receiving the maximum solar gain. With our range of mounting systems the collectors can be used for pitched roofs, flat roofs or even be integrated into the roof in a highly aesthetic way. For pitched roofs Vaillant offers a wide range of roof brackets suitable for all common anchor types.

Vaillant has developed the flat plate collector auroTHERM. Available in several different versions, the auroTHERM is produced at Vaillant's modern facilities in Germany. The Vaillant solar domestic hot water system is a sealed, pressurised system with unique features in every component. It is consistent with our commitment to provide maximum efficiency, high performance and total reliability.