Industrial Blansol is the Spanish leading manufacturer of cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PEX) and multilayer pipes (PEX-Al-PEX and PERT-Al-PERT pipes). The company is one of the only European manufacturers who offers complete systems as Blansol does not only produce the pipes but also a variety of fitting systems for sanitary applications.

Created by Mr. Andrés Santiago and developed by his sons, Mr. Arturo and Mr. Adolfo Santiago, Industrial Blansol (hereinafter Blansol or the company) is not only the leading Spanish company of their industry but it also has an important international presence as they export their products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The main advantage of Blansol for their clients is the guarantee of a complete system, pipes and fittings, that the company produces at their production plants of Bárcena de Cicero (Cantabria) and Palau de Plegamans (Barcelone), factories which are equipped with the most modern technology and are totally automatized.

Thanks to their condition of manufacturers and to the exclusive sale to plumbing and heating distributors without intermediaries, the clients of Blansol benefit from quality products, a more reliable service and more stable and competitive prices.

With a simple and transparent pricing policy, Blansol is a competitive company for all kinds of clients, from small distributors to big groups.

The company does not only offer advanced technological products at competitive prices but their trained staff also helps the distributors and the installers with the promotion and sale of the products, with the technical studies required and with the training of their employees.



The company manufactures a complete range of crosslinked polyethylene and multilayer pipes. In particular, the pipes produced in the factory of Bárcena de Cicero are the following:

- PEX-A pipes

- PEX-B pipes

- PEX-Al-PEX multilayer pipes

- PERT-Al-PERT multilayer pipes

The long history of innovation in connection technologies for hot water plastic pipe systems enables Blansol to offer the most adequate solution for each installation, in terms of reliability, speed of assembly and economy.