APE Grupo is leader in creation of differentiated spaces, since we offer a vast range of design ceramics, advanced technical products and services that help our customers to reach its maximum potential.

APE Grupo was set up as a business group in February, 2016, uniting 3 brands with more than 25 years of experience and one technical office that provides advanced architectural and interior design solutions.

Thanks to our effort made in each one of our brands, fruit of an expansive strategy and the great diversity in the product range, we are already present in 109 countries, where our 180 collections are distributed.

APE Grupo is born with very clear spirit and goal. Since its establishment, APE has looked for the best solution and the highest satisfaction of the customer, through excellent service and assistance and unique flexibility and adaptability.

In a highly competitive environment, APE stand out for always being next to the customer, trying to understand and making his or her concerns ours, not only about the technical details, but also the most human aspects.

Always in the avant-garde of the design and the product, we do not lose sight of the tradition and the personalized behavior of each market and customer.

APE is the flagship brand of the APE Group, the first and foremost brand in the industry. It encompasses a broad product portfolio, including collections that range from classic designs to the latest trends in the sector.

With a variety of products that makes APE unique, It offer as many possibilities and as much versatility as any market can demand. From the most decorative aspect and fashion, till the most technical, specialized products.

APE Grupo is unique. The atmosphere and proximity that APE create with customers make the company irreplaceable and push It to a constant improvement in search of the excellence.