General Fittings srl was founded in 1981. Their products are completely made in Italy, They offer fittings for different systems and types of pipes, ball valves and radiator valves as well as the distribution manifolds.

The raw materials used in production is certified by the most important international institutions. General Fittings also provides a complete underfloor heating system from PEX to chrome plated collectors and all related accessories.

We are the perfect partner to supply systems (fittings, manifolds, mixing units, radiant panels) for multilayer, PE-X, copper, PE, stainless steel and iron pipes.

Thanks to a highly professional and cohesive team, we face the challenges of the market by putting quality and our partners’ needs first.

Our products are 100% made in Italy and our philosophy is based on the full control of the entire production chain, as well as the constant evolution of our proposals.

AlTayseer and General Fittings relationship goes way back to more than 30 years, we were the first customer of General Fittings outside of Italy. General Fittings is one of the best manufacturers of fittings, valves, pipes, and manifolds in the world, we are proud to be the sole distributors of such a reputable brand in the Jordanian Market. 

Throughout the years, we worked together as partners to provide our clients with the best products and services. Aside from the fittings and the manifolds, GF UFH – General Fittings Underfloor Heating has proven itself to be one of the best in the world. A complete range, from the chrome plated copper manifolds to the PEX-a with oxygen barrier, something you don’t see other competitors offering.

MADE IN ITALY, at every stage, in every detail, on every occasion and in our
100% Made in Italy production.

QUALITY, to be competitive and stand out.

KNOW HOW, to supply a comprehensive service and premium products.

PROXIMITY, we are by our partners’ side to grow, evolve and cultivate
the future.

FLEXIBILITY, in development, answers, methods and markets.

RESPONSIVENESS, in finding efficient and successful customised solutions.

INNOVATION, continuous improvement, in an always dynamic and
constructive way.

COMPREHENSIVENESS, comprehensive offers to fully meet our partners’ requirements