Superpex is made of HD – polyethylene which is chemically cross-linked in a three-dimensional network giving the pipes excellent flexibility and strong resistance to deformation at high temperature.

Superpex pipes are manufactured according to German Standards DIN (16892/16893), using the most developed Italian extrusion lines. 
Superpex is free of toxic materials which guarantees its suitability for the supply of hot & cold drinking water. Pressure losses in Superpex is remarkably lower than other pipes, due to the smoothness of it’s internal surface.

The high electrical strength of superpex makes it insensitive to all electromagnetic fields. In addition , Superpex is insensitive to electromagnetic fields of any frequency.

Cross-linked polyethylene pipe, are the only pipes that have thermal memory. If Superpex is heated above the yield point (130C) it will return to the original round form without losing any of its properties, regardless of any deformations that superpex might be exposed to.

AlTayseer introduced Superpex to the Jordanian market in the 1990s, AlTayseer was one of the first factories in Jordan and the region to produce PEX pipes. As a brand, Superpex has proved itself to be one of the best pex-pipes in the market compared to local and international brands.

Superpex characteristics are equivalent to international brands, our pipes are produced with top quality raw materials and will pass any tests to guarantee it’s strength and durability. AlTayseer is recognized as one of the best manufacturing factories in Jordan and the region.

Service life of Superpex under normal operations is guaranteed up to 50 years. The main reason behind Superpex’s durability is the strong chemical structure which makes it highly resistant to aggressive elements, therefore Superpex is considered the most preferred among other alternatives.

 Superpex can be used with following field applications:

 - Hot and cold-water supply.

- Under floor heating.

- Central radiator heating.

- Hospitals and medical laboratories.

- Compressed air distributing plants.

- Many other fields.