KARIBA is an Italian leader in the field of wall flushing systems (Unisets and accessories), their products are characterized by easy maintenance and small depth to suit all types of different  thickness-walls, and operate without air wrap which is more likely to damage in other unisets.

Since 1960 Kariba is one of the main companies in the world producing concealed and external flushing system and accessories. Developing without losing nor changing our true identity; a leading role, not a walk-on part.

Products and assistance, combined with quality, know-how and tradition to be successful in the market with our customers, one of our dearest ambitions is to reach perfection. Sites owned, high quality machinery, raw material, controls, and human resources, experience and efficiency, all integrated with a valuable technical and project know-how: these are the key ingredients that, on a daily basis, allow us to manufacture thousands of products, both single and assembled, controlled, handled and certified through the managing quality system ISO 9001:2015

Being Kariba means setting the future as a target, working to reach it through the improvement of the present, designed from the past. Being Kariba means constantly living in sync with the needs of our partners and their customers; prioritizing simplicity is our essence.



In a world where its style and its needs are in permanent change, we look at the future with curiosity and the certainty that we will always be capable of offering new products for the bathrooms, forms of pleasure, shapes, details, and technologies more and more performing and stylish, although constantly respecting the environment and preserving the greatest good water.