Italtherm was born with a great history, competence and professionalism of a working group that for over 30 years has been working in the field of centralized heating and air conditioning. 

Italtherm is an innovative, dynamic and flexible company, capable of completing the entire product cycle, from research, development, design, production and sale, to consultation and customer pre and after sale assistance in Italy and abroad.

All Products are designed to be durable and safe, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. Only the best components are used in the Italtherm boilers, brass hydraulic group, stainless steel DHW exchanger and copper main exchanger. The primary target of their products is to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact, both during the production process and during their lifetime in homes. Italtherm produces condensing and non-condensing boilers in capacities that vary from 24KW up to 160KW.

Italtherm, in its productive premises in Italy, guarantees the reliability of the products that are designed and manufactured thanks to an authentic "Made in Italy", appreciated throughout the world.

Italy is therefore the starting point from which we have developed a path of internationalization by exporting our products in more than 20 different countries, thanks to our expertise recognized in almost 50 years of activity. Particular attention is paid to the choice of local partner-importers, with whom we share business and growth objectives.

A team of skilled technicians is available to assist importers, offering them solutions and support in case of need. This is a team of experts with long experience in the heating field, able to guide the customer in solving any problem. Thanks to this service, importers and retailers can rely on the support of a Company ready to cooperate to solve any problem and to remove any doubt that may arise during after-sales service.

Italtherm, in its one and only Italian site, has a warehouse of over 1,500 m², exclusively used for spare parts, that are certified and guaranteed to ensure the quality of the product and to satisfy every customer need.