Arrow Adhesives is a pioneer American company in the solvent cement industry and has specialized in manufacturing solvent cements, primers and cleaners for joining PVC, CPVC and ABS plastic pipe for over 50 years.

We have a long tradition of engineering excellence and innovation that we are proud to provide to you through our complete line of Arrow brand products. Advancing product and operational excellence throughout all parts of our business has always been a key cornerstone of our success.

Arrow Adhesives Company is a family owned, specialized manufacturer of solvent cements and related products used to join plastic pipe and fittings. Carroll Voss, founder of Arrow Adhesives Company, graduated from Purdue University in 1955 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

Carroll Voss worked for Shell Chemical and several other companies before starting Arrow Adhesives Company in November 1964. He saw the potential of making solvent cements for joining plastic pipe and fittings and developed his own solvent cement formulations. He started the company out of his garage, which he quickly outgrew, and after one year was self-supporting.

Through their extensive experience and expertise, they are able to customize products for unique applications for all types of plastic piping, They are able to create and evaluate specialized formulations in their state-of-the-art laboratory, which is specifically designed for their products

- A Major Manufacturer of Quality Solvent Cements.
- Quality and Service Focused.
- Third-party Tested and Certified by NSF.

- Developed Our Business Since 1964.
- A Modern Plant Built Specifically to Manufacture Cements.
- Grown With and Helped the Plastic Pipe Industry Grow.

- Offer You a Complete Line of Quality Solvent Cement Products.
- Thoroughly Test Our Products to Exceed Industry Standards.
- Support ASTM and PPFA to Assure Good Standards For You.