Seitron’s story is that of the people we have met and interacted with in our company, seeing each person bringing their own experience and point of view. We like to take a chance on enhancing the uniqueness of each collaborator, which is how we have ended up where we are today!

Seitron’s history is comprised of important stages following on from carefully-considered strategic choices that have resulted in sustained success - from the realisation of the first low-cost thermostat without any transformer, the radio programmable thermostat, to the combustion analyser with self-calibrating sensors.

The company has followed a marked pathway of evolution requiring substantial changes over the years, yet the goal has always remained the same: to interpret and satisfy the needs of our customers, supporting them with care and attention, thanks to a team that is highly cohesive and through the continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services that are qualifiable and on point.

The secret behind Seitron’s expansion and its affirmation is encapsulated in the constant investment into research and development, in the desire to propose continuously-innovative products that are high-performance but also environmentally compatible and energetically competitive, flanked by the ability to oversee the entire production process, whilst directly handling the design, production and sales phases. Finally, studies in design also play an increasingly important role in ensuring a perfect pairing of functionality and aesthetics.

Strongly rooted in Italy, Seitron is also present throughout Europe, Asia, America and Oceania. Around 50% of the company’s turnover is achieved through exports to more than 60 countries around the world, thanks to its extensive network of agents and distributors. 

We left one tidbit for last - the meaning of our name! Seitron is actually an acronym, formed by S.E.I. + tron.  The latter part is no real mystery - it is a classic suffix amongst those working in electronics. S.E.I. rather - even if seemingly obscure - stands for Sistemi Elettronici Italiani (being, Italian Electronic Systems). Hence, the name includes the Made In Italy component, being a point of pride for our company and to which we have always been faithful.