LAVA radiators has several characteristics and beautiful geometrical designs made to give modern comfortable warmth, and meet all needs and desires of the required amount of heat.

To produce LAVA radiators the best 1.20 mm thick prime newly rolled steel coils are used and manufactured according to German Standard, DIN 1623/1541, and the best kind of joints (Tees) which are fastened to the radiator body by tight welding.

Strict quality control takes place over every piece of LAVA radiator in every stage of production, testing every radiator on eight bar pressure, using the best kinds of primer and powder coating in producing all LAVA radiators, therefore we are proud to announce that the shelf life of LAVA radiators exceeds 10 working years.

LAVA radiators are available in two heights, 400 mm and 600 mm, and in several lengths from 400 mm up to 3000 mm to meet the actual and workable requirements of both the local and the exporting markets.

Our Steel Panel Radiators are manufactured using Swiss made production lines "Schlatter”. To produce Lava radiators the best cold rolled steel coils are used. All radiators produced are of Type 22 (PCCP), they are all tested to handle 8 bars of pressure, and are all coated with RAL9010 powder coating.

Every piece of LAVA Radiator is accompanied with all installation accessories such as: hanging brackets, screw-plugs, screws, a radiator-plug and an air-vent to make the installation process easy and fast.




AlTayseer introduced LAVA to the Jordanian market in 2001, AlTayseer is the first factory in Jordan and the region to produce high quality steel panel radiators, this was a huge transition in the Jordanian Industrial Sector. In such a short period of time LAVA was able to establish a name for itself compared to Turkish and European radiators. It’s well-known that in many instances Lava surpasses its competitors with flying colors, in quality and durability. AlTayseer is known as one of the best manufacturing factories in Jordan and the region.