Flow pipe is made of Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) in compliance with German standard DIN 8080 / 8079 and Jordanian standard JS 1554 / 1549.

Flow pipe is manufactured in high thicknesses PN 25 (nominal pressure 25 bar) to withstand the maximum possible working conditions.

The thermal expansion factor of Flow pipe is α = 0.07 This factor is much less than that of other plastic pipes. At 60 ⁰C there is an elongation of 28 mm for each 10 m.

Flowpipe is available in cream color in six different diameters (20 mm to 63 mm) which are all manufactured to a length of 4 meters and to a Nominal Pressure of 25 Bar (PN25)

All Flow pipe fittings (elbows, tees, connectors, extensions, etc.) are available in high thicknesses (PN 25) and in different sizes from 20 to 63 mm. 

AlTayseer introduced Flowpipe to the Jordanian market in 2005, AlTayseer added the CPVC pipes collection to its already established production lines to provide our clients and customers with a high quality, fully tested, and long-lasting pipes and fittings. As a brand, Flowpipe has proved itself to be one of the best pipes in the market compared to similar brands imported from different countries around the world. Flowpipe’s characteristics are equivalent to international brands but is sold at relatively reasonable prices. AlTayseer is known as one of the best manufacturing factories in Jordan and the region.


Fields of application of Flow Pipe :-

- Cold and hot water systems.

- Risers for hot & cold water, Central heating.

 - In-house piping.

 - Compressed air distribution networks.

 - Other industrial applications.