Al-Tayseer’s Bluepipe is an advanced system of thermoplastics pipes and fittings manufactured from Polypropylene Random Copolymer PPRC-type 3, according to German Standard DIN 8078/8077 PN 20 using the most developed technologies.

Bluepipe has been produced mainly for applications in the sanitary field, for the supply of hot and cold water. 
It can also be used in many other fields such as industrial plants, hospitals and agriculture plants.

The several advantages of PPRC guarantees a minimum lifespam of 50 years under normal operating conditions and proper installation rules.

PPRC – type 3 has a very high volume and surface resistivity which makes it one of the best electrically insulating materials (It is free from electrochemical corrosion).

The high electric resistance strength of these materials makes it insensitive to all electro- static fields, therefore no perforation can take place due to electrical discharge in the normal operating conditions. In addition, PPRC – type 3 is insensitive to electromagnetic fields of any frequency.

AlTayseer introduced Bluepipe/Alupipe to the Jordanian market in 1990s, AlTayseer was one of the first factories in Jordan and the region to produce PPR pipes and implement the aluminum layer in its pipes. As a brand, Bluepipe/Alupipe has proved itself to be one of the best pipes in the market compared to similar brands imported from different countries around the world.

Bluepipe/Alupipe’s characteristics are equivalent to international brands but is sold at relatively reasonable prices. AlTayseer is recognized as one of the best manufacturing factories in Jordan and the region.


Bluepipe and Alupipe have been used mainly for the supply of hot and cold water and central heating. However, these pipes can be used in many other fields:

- Civil plants: cold and hot water systems , central heating, swimming pools, gardens….etc.

- Drinking water treatment plants.

- Industrial plants.

- Chemical industry.

- Medical industry.

- Cooling systems in factories.

- Hospitals and medical laboratories.

- Agricultural plants.

- Compressed air distributing plants.