Kayse fan-coil connection hoses provide a practical, easy, and safe connection by solving the problems that may lead to vibration and noise in the installation. While the punctual corrosions that may arise from humidity on the fittings connection points (welding places} with the special welding technology, the problems that may arise from wrong earthing are eliminated with  the  optional weld protection sheath, and thus it is ensured that the installation  can work completely  hermetically.
It is hermetic with long service time. Thanks to the flexible nodular construction, the vibration effects are minimized and fluid transmission is ensured without any section narrowing.
Kayse Braided Flexible Metal Hoses can be used safely and reliantly on the steam installations where the pressure is generally high, the thermal oil installations where the liquid transmission is critical, and in all liquids that may vibrate and expand.

With Kayse quick-attach hose and connection set, you can install your installation exactly in the dimensions you want. Its stainlessness and seamless structure provide the installation with longevity, hygiene, and an anticorrosion connection, while its articulation structure allows free passing of the liquid without constriction.